The Wild Fruit Dance Tent at Brighton Pride

Wild Fruit Tent 1997 Photo by Kate Wildblood

Wild Fruit Tent 1997 Photo by Kate Wildblood

Ever since I can remember I’ve got goosebumps about the Wild Fruit Dance Tent at Brighton Pride. As a punter, as an admiring mate of the lucky DJ on the stage or later as a DJ in the tent myself, I’ve loved it. It has thrilled me. It has provided memories that will stay with me forever and it has always delivered. And this year I’m absolutely thrilled to be back playing in the Wild Fruit Dance Tent alongside my missus, the glorious Queen Josephine for Brighton Pride 2015. After the year she’s had it seems only right and proper that she should be up there, beside me, doing what she does best. (Being the shy and retiring one of the pair of us. Not.)

So we couldn’t be more excited or honoured or excited or thrilled to be part of an amazing line-up that includes Fatboy Slim (wow!), The Freemasons (gosh!), Seamus Haji (blimey!), Maze & Masters (ding dong!), Wayne G (hoorah!), Mikalis (hooray!), Prok & Fitch (cor!), Kid Massive and Elliotte Williams N’Dure (fabulous!), Chris Pullin (lovely!) and Sink The Pink (how bloody marvellous!) Did we mention we were excited? Anyway we are and can’t wait to celebrate Brighton Pride’s 25th anniversary. For us Brighton Pride is a community that has been there for us through out the years. Come rain or shine, come bad outfit decision or good. Fundraising. Campaigning. Entertaining. Connecting. Surrounded by loved ones. Jumping up and down with Pride.

So expect two very excited DJs, a set stuffed full of our favourite Pride anthems as we celebrate those amazing Pride gigs we’ve been honoured to play over the years and grins bigger than our bosoms. Honest. See you at the front. You won’t be able to miss us. We’ll be the excited ones jumping about. In two very firm sports bras. See you at the front.

Brighton Pride Pride Festival 2015: Carnival of Diversity. Preston Park. Saturday 1st August 12noon-10pm. Tickets available here £1 from each ticket goes directly to the Rainbow Fund. Brighton Pride 2015. Pride with purpose.