Queenie gets a treat with DJ Trick

Happy New Year all you happy clubbers out there! So let’s get 2016 off to a bright and bouncy start with some words from one of our hardest working fellas behind the decks. Whether he’s accompanying your roller coaster ride on the pier, making you sweat on the dancefloor at Revenge or G-A-Y or keeping you jumping at Pride, DJ Trick will certainly keep the smile on your face and the twinkle in your toes.

What’s your name and did you have a lovely Xmas? I’m Patrick and my DJ name is Trick. And yes, I’ve just had a fabulous Christmas spending time with my family in the Midlands and also having a lot of fun in Manchester……

Where can we see you playing? I’m on Brighton Pier Radio at the weekends, Club Revenge, Brighton on Friday & Saturday nights, Bar Revenge for Sunday Funday and on Tuesdays, G-A-Y Manchester on Thursdays and I also do special events for Ohso Social and G-A-Y.

How would you describe your djing style? I tend not to stick to one style as reading the crowd is so much fun! Personally I love to go down the pop and R & B route whilst leaving the housier 128BPM+ stuff to the established events & venues. And of course I can never go wrong with some MJ or JT.

What’s your favourite song of all time? Britney Spears Toxic. Quite simply ‘Pop Perfection’.

Which tune always fills up (or rescues) your dancefloor? Beyonce Crazy In Love….nobody can resist dancing to this. Go on, try!!!

What would be your ultimate dream gig? Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears’ dutty private parties circa 2007. No explanation necessary!

Name a tune you wish you’d never played? I’ve no regrets.

But you must have a guilty pleasure? Bieber – but everyone is starting to love him now so it’s all good and I feel no guilt.

What’s been your best ever gig? I love my Pride Season gigs – the main stages, the after parties, the tequila and glitter. I’m always at Brighton, London & Manchester Prides, working hard (and playing hard too).

Tell us a secret! On my rare days off I love to lie on my sofa all day watching the Real Housewives, followed by scary movies all night accompanied by a nice hot chocolate.

Got any New Years Resolutions to share? I would say the usual but none will last so nope, I’m all good 🙂


DJ Tricks January Jollies

Foxes Amazing Sony Music UK

Drake Hotline Bling Cash Money

The Weeknd In The Night XO Republic

Justin Bieber Sorry Def Jam

Sigala Sweet Lovin Ministry Of Sound

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