Wildblood & Queenie’s Bowie Wonders

There was and will only ever be one starman. And sat here attempting to review this month’s promos seemed, well, wrong. So forgive us this indulgence. A tribute had to be made. No other music sits right with us right now other than Bowie’s. No music feels untouched by his influence. And no part of our queer lives feels like it would have been the same without him. He may be telling us to look up there, that he’s in heaven, but right now as we sit here on earth surrounded by the music he created, the freedom he gave freaks like us, we cannot but help feel we are all Ziggy today.

He was a creative genius our generation will never see again. From his infamous lift off to a Space Oddity, the gender bending of Hunky Dory and the exquisite Life On Mars, the adorable Aladdin Sane, the sexy alien aesthetics of Ziggy Stardust, the plastic soul of Young Americans (and a certain Luther Vandross), the Berlin beauty of Station To Station, Low and Heroes, the effortless Lodger, the too cool and too Scary Monsters, right through to his Earthling adventures, the smitten Tilda and Where Are We Now? heartfelt optimism of The Next Day and his final farewell to planet earth via Darkstar, Bowie was forever ahead of the pack. A pack we gladly followed. A pack we became part of with every change of genre, costume and message.

He was the man who happened to fall to earth and light up the stars. Every play of every album makes us thank our lucky star man that we were here with him to share some of those 69 years. He taught us and the world it was okay to be who we were, regardless of how we dressed, who we loved or where we landed. And in doing so he made all of us pretty things. David Bowie. The man who changed the world, one kook at a time.

Wildblood & Queenie’s All Time Bowie Wonders

Sound And Vision Nothing gets us as high as this Low action from 1977.

Life On Mars? Mesmeric, majestic and mind-blowing as we drown in David’s eyes.

Sorrow A Pin Ups remake that makes Queenie quake with every play.

Sweet Thing / Candidate Diamond Dog Cracked Actor docu gem that ensures Wildblood tears.

Boys Keep Swinging A gender-busting wonder with added Klaus Nomi that demanded our queer attention.

Blackstar Gracing us one last time with genius as we bade farewell to Major Tom.

Fashion A funky Scary Monster that will always enchant any dancefloor.

TVC15 An Iggy Pop inspired Station To Station nightmare ride we have to take.

Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA Edit) Few delivered when it came to remixing Bowie but Murphy excels with style.

Heroes Believe in Bowie and we can all be heroes. RIP our starman.

Catch Wildblood and Queenie’s Home Service Bowie Special on RadioReverb 97.2FM DAB and online at radioreverb.com 5pm Sunday 14th February.


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