Camp banter? Us? Home Service on Radio Reverb

Missed us on RadioReverb last weekend? Fear not you can listen to Brighton’s most buxom DJing duo and our April edition of Home Service on Mixcloud over and over and over and over and over like a monkey with a miniature cymbal. Well maybe not with an instrument made of thin, normally round plates of various alloys but hey, we digress.

Press play and grab an  hour of random radio thankfully saved by some sound tune selections as we bring you some upfront wonders from Werkha, Thatmanmonkz, Fabian Kash, Ron & Neil, Severino & Farley and Dorsia.

Plus there’s a Sunday Sundae classic, disco heaven courtesy of Joey Negro, Gladys and those Pips, some Automatic 80s bliss and a slice of Disco Dirtbox excitement from Dressed as a Girl. Add some Disco Deviant and Home Service Patterns love and Queenie’s April Home Service Weather Forecast and you have a show like, well, no other show. Approved by Queenie’s mum, the Queen Mother. Obviously.