Perfect Distraction: Goshawk’s These Drops Are Giving Me A Breakdown EP

Sometimes your heart needs to skip a beat. Goshawk provide just that heartfelt sensation with every moment of their sweet as EP These Drops Are Giving Me A Breakdown on the ever hot Hudd Traxx. Get ready to warm up your winter with the lush grooves and esquiste vocals of Astral T on the stand out track My Heart and prepare to wiggle – all stealth like – to the joyous tones of High In The Evergreens. Then lose your shit on the dancefloor to the deep old skool house vibe of Yes In This Way – I feel it baby, I feel it. As you will with the EP wrap-up track  My Business Ain’t Your Business,  a garage style wonder Grant Nelson would be ripe proud of. (See what I did there!). Yep Hudd Traxx deliver – again. Giving us the only kind of breakdown you want in these dark January months.

Goshawk These Drops Are Giving Me A Breakdown EP Hudd Traxx 4th February 2017

Click here to listen and pre-order – yes buy not steal. Remember kids home taping is killing music.



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