A regal moment with DJ OLi Leslie

Now March is upon us those nights out are beckoning more than ever! This month Queenie catches up with the gorgeous DJ OLi Leslie, a fella who is sure to put the spring in your step as you hop onto your nearest dancefloor!

Where can we see/hear you playing? I DJ all over the South East of England with regular slots at Thirteen in Guildford, Anjelique Bar in Horsham, Pryzm in Brighton, Unit 7 in Basildon and Club Chemistry in Canterbury.

What kind of music do you play? Very open format / multi genre. I really like to mix things up over the course of a set. If I had to choose one genre over the course of a night it would be house music.

Always a tricky question, but what’s your favourite song of all time? Haha good question, it’s always hard to pick just one as a favourite song is not always about the song itself, it’s about the memories it comes with!!! But I guess my true favourite is Infinity 2008 by Guru Josh Project.

What’s so good about playing in Brighton? It’s very diverse with people and clubs so it’s got a lot of choice and a lot to offer both to the customers and DJs. Plus everyone just seems happier down here.

What would be your ultimate place to DJ and what has been your favourite ever gig? I’m a big fan of playing at festivals and I’d love to do more. Dream would be to play at Creamfields or V-fest – mega-dream would be Ultra or Tomorrowland. My favourite gig would have to be the Exit Festival in Serbia I did last summer. The fact that half way through my set Guetta starting playing on the main stage made me worried people would leave…… But we still kept a packed out crowd.

Name a tune you wish you’d never played and why! If you mean one I put on that I instantly regretted then fortunately that hasn’t really happened. I played a current drum and bass track called Bricks Rolling when I was at Club Chemistry in Canterbury. Normally that song can give some serious crowd hype. However, despite hundreds of people on the dance floor only about 5 went nuts. Didn’t take me long to mix in the next song. However, this question has two meanings to me because I thought it meant a song I wish I never had to play but did! Anyway, that would be Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix. Think the whole time that track was popular I only ever played it at the end of a night once due to popular demand. I personally wasn’t a fan!

What’s your guilty pleasure? I have many guilty pleasures. Love a bit of cheese and classics all the way up to a dirty bassline, but I don’t feel guilty about them at all. So they are just pleasures.

Describe yourself in three words! Tall, friendly, weird

Catch up with DJ OLi Leslie here Web | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Mixcloud


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