Queen Josephine exclusive new t-shirts for GFW – Clothing Without Labels

Diva Magazine and Gscene cartoonist Queen Josephine is buzzing with the news that she’s working bee-side the groundbreaking GFW – Gender Free Clothing for their latest range of t-shirts. Bringing her pen and ink to the fashion world, Queenie’s two T’s are part of GFW’s radical new designs addressing inequality and reclaiming derogatory words as a powerful way to subvert dominate norms. So if you are proud of Bee-ing Me or if you want to challenge slutshaming as GFW follow the footsteps of 1997’s The Ethical Slut and 2011’s worldwide Slutwalks with a Sluts t-shirt, nows the time to T with Queenie and clothing without labels.

Queen Josephine’s T’s for GFW. Exclusive, essential, for everyone. 

beingme_1024x1024Bee-ing Me by Queen Josephine for GFW. Bees are important. Humans are important. Being yourself is essential.  £20 GBP Buy here.


Sluts by Queen Josephine for GFW. Reclaiming derogatory words can be a powerful way to subvert dominate norms.  £20 GBP Buy here.

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