Escaping into the Patterns of Audio for 25 years

Tonight will see us bring our queer disco bpms back home to the building that has been the longplaying soundtrack to our clubbing days together in Brighton. As we hit the decks tonight at Horse Meat Disco at Patterns we’ll be giving a disco nod to our many years of joy (and glitter) at 10 Marine Parade.  Loved up and loving it. But then when we’ve been Escape-ing into the Patterns of Audio for over 25 years how could we not?

25 years of parties, people and pure pleasure. 25 years of Dolly Mixers, Ash and Jim smashing it at EDP, Paul Kemp forever delivering (smoke machine included) Sunday Sundae goosebumps over endless Brighton Pride weekends, DTPM, Robbie, Albo, Matt, Charles, Neal, Boyce-y, Max, Patrick, Mitch, Martyn, Ollie, 9 Elms, Chantal, Beth, Sophie, Cesare, Cezar, the silver fox, Adrian, Paul, Neil, Sam, the glorious soundman that defluffed us and all the boys and girls behind the decks, on the door, promoting, behind the bar and in the office that made our nights shine. Tom and those golden hot pants, my mum flashing the NTL guy, John Holland’s passion and Motherships vision, All Night Long magic, cake and speeches at a most civil of civil partnership, remembering with fond love Simon and Zsarday, Disco Deviant contraband corkers, snow on the terrace in April and our forever Sundae family Dulcie, Richard, Chris, Hollie, Vic, Mikalis, Verity, Bry, AJ, Alistair, Jon, Tracy, Chris and all those special clubbers, those very special clubbers.

The lightbulbs we’ve inadvertently smashed in the old DJ booth upstairs as we threw our hands in the air Sylvester style over and over and over again, the early morning drunken conversations in the loo, the street parties, Prok & Fitch tearing us a new one at Brighton Gay Dance Weekender, Neil and Wayne’s fabulous arrivals, Gary Forde’s dancing cod piece, the go-go boys, that giant disco ball, the style (and grace) of Grace and Simon, Vessey’s artistic musing, those very, many sweaty basement boys and that terrace. Oh. That. Terrace.

Losing it to Nina, Zabelia, Francesco, HMD, Midland and Servito. Discussing whether we are now too old to still go clubbing when Eats Everything caused mayhem at midnight one NYE and yelling a grin filled ‘naaah!” at each other. Our heads being pushed sideways by the newly installed Supercharged soundsystem in the DJ box downstairs, Ben Pearce’s missus, the random behind the DJ booth chats with strangers, hawaiian shirts courtesy of Bassant, sticky carpet and Sam and James from Real Brighton and the ever syncronised Chris Jepson always capturing the love.

The endless rota Pride guests DJ’s who made our weekend, be they Guy Williams, Thomas Gandey, Dave Kendrick, Freddie, Jeffery Hinton, Mr Hayward, or Fat Tony. Mistaking Maxxi Soundsytem for Tensnake and losing several DJ brownie points. The on-the-money music policy that kept us coming back for more, the sound door policy that always made us feel safe and the lessons we’ve learnt as a DJs, as a mates, as a clubbers.

These are just some of the many more reasons are why we are thrilled to be celebrating our 25th year of DJing, loving and clubbing at Patterns tonight. I would say it’ll be emotional but it will be more than that – it’ll be another night at our favourite Brighton building. The walls may have moved about over the years but our hearts have not. We love you Patterns. May you always provide us and our city with an Audio filled Escape.

Wildblood + Queenie’s Silver Service at Horse Meat Disco with HMD, Wild Fantasy, Gardenn, Øvre and Wildblood & Queenie. Saturday 16th September. 11pm-4am. Patterns, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton.

Pre-club drinks at The Tempest Inn, 159-161 Kings Road Arches, Brighton from 6pm. Crab Claw food served til



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