Thank you for a night we’ll always remember

Thank you to every single soul who made our 25th anniversary celebrations so special. We may have only just properly recovered but the smiles in our souls have been there since we started at 6pm on that sunny (then, erm, hailstorm) filled evening on the 16th of September. Big grins of gratitude to everyone who came danced with us, to Becs, Jodie, Mitch, Ellie and the team at The Tempest, to Gemma, Neil, Josh, Matt, Neal and Andy, Charlie, Able, Gardenn, Ovre, Cezare, Boyce and all the wonders at Patterns, love as always to the disco delights that are Horse Meat Disco’s Jim Stanton and James Hillard (your Bush made our night) and to the bucket beauties from Blueprint 22 and MindOut – Bruce, Lois, Zack and Kate you made it all worthwhile.

And to all those who travelled, tripped and turned our way for a wiggle under the stars or on the dancefloor that night we thank you. Without you our years behind the decks would never of sparkled the way they have. You make our disco complete. Every single time.

And finally a massive thanks to everyone who donated and helped us raise an amazing £718.34 for Mindout and Blueprint 22. Wow! is the only way we can express our gratitude for your forever humbling generosity. Stars one and all. And congratulations to Chris and Madelaine Hunter-Taylor who thanks to our raffle are now the proud owners of Queen Josephine’s 25 Years Of Wonders cartoon.

So that’s us done celebarting the past 25 years. See you in 2042 for our 50th anniversary party! Until then here’s one for you – and a certain Mr Green. Because you always keep us lost in music.


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