Queenie and Mr Jonesy

This November Queenie catches up with a lovely fella who’s sure to put a bounce in your autumn wiggle!!!! Here’s the ever sparkling, always a treat DJ Jonesy.

Hello – how are you? Jaded after a long weekend. But otherwise ruddy wonderful!

Where can we see/hear you playing? I play up on level 2 of Revenge every Thursday night for FOMO and once a month on the same floor for WTF!

What kind of music are you playing these days? I guess I’d sum it up as ‘chunky vocal house’. A mixture of upfront stuff and new remixes of classics or sometimes the originals depending on the crowd! I always try to ensure my sets have some sort of ‘journey’ musically, and not necessarily a journey you have to be spangled to enjoy!

Always a tricky question, but what’s your favourite song of all time? Almost impossible to answer! I first fell in love with dance music in the late 90s – early 00s so I’ve always had a soft spot for trance-y synths. So Darude’s Sandstorm (cliché alert!) holds a special place in my heart. For a more left field choice, I grew up listening to rock/punk pop/nu-metal and My Chemical Romance’s Welcome To The Black Parade epitomises everything I love about emo music!

What’s so good about playing in Brighton? I’d say compared to some (bigger) cities, Brighton manages to be unpretentious in most venues. And the ones that try be too cool for school don’t tend to do too well. The Brighton scene has changed massively in the 14 years I’ve been here and we’ve lost some iconic venues like Honeyclub….but there’re still some gems!

What would be your ultimate dream place to play and what’s been your best ever gig? Best gigs are always around Brighton Pride. Headlining the Street Party in 2016 was particularly epic as the vibe was just indescribable. Christ, I just used the word vibe and now I hate myself a bit on the inside. Dream gig would be something festival-based. Maybe Bestival in the UK or Tomorrowland!

Name a tune you wish you’d never played!!! I remember one night I was far too drunk to be DJing at the end of the night at Revenge, and had just binge-watched the first 5 seasons of Game of Thrones. I’d downloaded this horrendous EDM remix of the theme and in my drunken state I convinced myself it’d be a good idea at 3am. Cleared the dancefloor, ended up being the last song of the night, and it was firmly deleted from my collection!

What’s your guilty pleasure? Too many to mention. Aqua – Aquarium was the first album I bought, that’s the level of cringe we’re dealing with here. At festivals – even the super cool underground ones – when we get back to the tent at silly o’clock, I have a Spotify playlist we whack on which is simply called ‘The Tina Turner After Party Playlist’. Enough said.

Describe yourself in three words. Adventurous. Passionate. Single

Jonesy’s November Nuggets 

Pnau Chameleon (Melé remix) etcetc.

James Hype More Than Friends OMT.

DJ Snake A Different Way UMG Recordings.

TIEKS Say a Prayer (ft Chaka Khan and Popcaan) Ministry of Sound.

CNCO & Little Mix Reggaetón Lento Sony Latin.




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