Wildblood + Queenie’s Gscene November Nuggets

It’s time to get the sparkle into your November as the tunes light up the night sky with bangers. Be it the classy house of Yousef Presents Circus 15 – The Album on Circus Recordings, the swirling sensual sounds of Miyagi’s Scene From A Dream on Lost Diaries, the deeply spiritual vibes of Satori’s MAKTUB on Crosstown Rebels or the dancefloor meets bedroom that is Tomas Barfod’s perfect Paloma on Friends Of Friends, your fireworks will sing with delight thanks to these musical maestros.

And if you thought that was enough to keep you treated this tricky month then you’d be wrong. With must have albums including the soulful compilation celebration of one of house music’s finest labels Play It Like Papa (15 Years Of Papa Records), the moody beauty that is Jori Hulkkonen’s Don’t Believe In Happiness on My Favorite Robot Records, the Chicago class that is DJ Pierre’s Wild Pitch: The Story on Get Physical, or the simply mind-blowing sounds of Call Super’s Arpo on Hoodstooth all will be sound this month.

Add our oh-my-days favs from the brilliant KiNK’s Playground on Running Back and the soulful vocals and the electronic bass of Crackazat’s Rainbow Fantasia on Local Talk and you have your local listening sorted. Just how it should be. Enjoy.

Wildblood + Queenie’s November 12″s

Goshawk Down In Brooklyn Press For Time Records Syncopated electronic chords of the classy kind.

Les Inferno Everything I Do (Original) Samosa Records Disco sample heaven that delivers the delight with every play.

James Braun Tearjerker Tartelet Sentimental, sweetie of a track destined to become a certain fav.

Vito & Druzzi Night Masquerade Mushroom House EP 4 Toy Tonics Queenie’s favourite label delivers again with quirky house brilliance.

Stereogamous Homewrecker (Feat. Shaun J. Wright) Motorik Another sound adventure from our vocal hero Mr Wright.

Munk Down In L.A. (Shazam Remix) Gomma Disco Jams EP2 Gomma It’s all about the piano love with this neo-disco delight.

The Astral Walkers (AYBEE & Lars Bartkuhn) Passage Deepblak Jazzfunk freedom anyone?

Latmun Piquant Hot Creations Goosebump grooves courtesy of a brilliant Footsteps EP.

Silvio Carrano Love In B Minor (Classic Mix) Jango Music Disco goes big room courtesy of Silvio’s sensational session.

Ninos du Brasil Animais Soar O Alarme The Bunker New York One day all techno will be made this way. Perfection.

Catch Wildblood & Queenie on RadioReverb 1st & 3rd Saturday 7pm and 1BTN FM 2nd and 4th Wednesday 8pm -10pm 











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