Disco, disco, disco: a disco mix by Wildblood + Queenie

Disco is where we come from and it’s the glittering glue that keeps us together. From our fellow disco dolls Horse Meat Disco to the Salsoul divas via the strung out perfection of John Davis to Donna Summer (where would us gay disco DJs be without her?) this is a mix that reflects our sparkling queer souls. Although we’ve spent 25 years playing mostly house music, disco was always there, through samples and at after parties, on the decks of Sunday Sundae, at every Pride party and through our life together. We wanted to capture the love we have for that collective cowbell action that has soundtracked our best nights, the glamour we strive for, the swish we wish we always had and the pure class made our childhood radio days. And with some 21st century disco action from the twinkling stars that are those Butch fellas, DJ Sneak and those HMD glorious boys, it is a mix we hope will bring as much sunshine to your days as it has to our disco nights.


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