Dirty Sunset Disco : The Last Dance

This Sunday all eyes will be on a certain pair of Brighton legends. Two disco dolls that have brought the dirty to our sunsets for more years than we can remember. Two darlings we’ll be saying farewell to with one last dance as they skip their way off to adventures new. Yes its AJ and Russ’s farewell and Dirty Sunset Disco’s Last Dance. The club night that let our Queenie shine like a regal diamond (camp bits and all), the club night that ensured way too many bap moments with a Mr Barker, the club night filled with saucy guest DJs and loveable locals – all set for a night of celestial beachside clibbing beneath the stars. We’ll miss you misters. The disco will never be as dirty without you. See you at the (sea) front. Okay maybe not, maybe at the The Farm Tavern one block up from the beach, but the nevertheless its set to be a right glorious session of salty fun. Just as it should be. Just as it has always been. Long live DSD and all who danced beneath AJ’s giant shiny disco ball. Oooo. Er. Missus.

Dirty Sunset Disco : The Last Dance Sunday 4th February The Farm Tavern, Farm Road, Hove 7pm-Midnight. Free entry. With DJs Mr Barker, Queen Josephine, Affy GoBang!, King K and Kate Wildblood. For more info check out Facebook


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