Chris Coco’s Honey The Acid Test – with added Queen Josephine

You know what its like. Your missus records an acid house DIY club wonder called The Acid Test with Chris Coco back in the day. Like she does. Casually and no doubt wearing somekind of a bandana. Two decades or so later she re-records the vocal and, well, thinks nothing more of it. She’s like that, my creative queen. Fast forward to March 2018 and your making your way through that week’s hot new compilations and a pert new collection called 4 To The Floor presents Classic Music Company Volume 2 grabs your attention. Action from Honey Dijon, Sophie Lloyd, Luke Solomon, Home & Garden and much more await you. As does a little Honey from Chris Coco. Chris Coco’s Honey The Acid Test (Knights Of The Hunted Hunny Up The B Side Mix) to be precise. And there in the acid bpm sits a vocal you know too well. Your missus. Doing her Honey thing. 31 years on from those Acid DIY days.

So there you have it. Queen Josephine cropping up on Classic Music Company’s latest compilation courtesy of Chris Coco’s The Acid Test. Sweet as honey, still buzzing like the young house head she was back then. And sounding as sweet as you’d expect my queen bee to sound.

Chris Coco’s Honey The Acid Test  is out now. Buy here today. 4 To The Floor presents Classic Music Company Volume 2 is also is out now. Buy here today. Yes buy not steal. Remember kids, home taping is killing music.

Tune into The Queenie + Wildblood Show on 1BTN 101.4FM DAB+ and online on Wednesday 28th March 8pm-10pm for a exclusive Queenie in acid dungarees wiggle to The Acid Test– Honey style.


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