They came, they cartooned, they collaged, they conquered

What a pleasure it was to spend Saturday afternoon at Brighton’s Jubilee Library with happy band of cartoon drawing, collage sticking, badge creating people joyously taking part in a Young, Queer and Invincible creative drop-in with photographer Lynn WeddlePhotoworks UK and Allsorts Youth Project as part of this year’s City Reads festival. Each and every participant really entered into the spirit of the Young, Queer & Invincible theme and produced some true works of art – and it was such a good humoured occasion too! This was my first ever time as a co-workshop leader so the nerves were jangling. But I needn’t have worried as all the other participants and my lovely co-workers made it a joyful and fabulous occasion. The way everyone gleefully grabbed pens, cameras and scissors was a sight to behold. Thanks to each of you for making the afternoon really special…..and those cakes were pretty good too. Thank you to everyone who made it such a life affirming success. Until next time my drawing, collaging, badgemaking, photo taking super heroes!

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All photos by Summer Dean for City Reads 2018

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