Campaigning with Pride

I’ll admit it is hard to tell with this natural resting face of mine but cut me in half and I’d be full of rainbows, proud rainbows. Rainbows hard-earned over the years as continue campaign with Wildblood passion, politics and occasional glitter-covered pertness. So it was a real honour to be asked to contribute a campaigning article for this years Brighton Pride Guide. 1000 words about the reasons why we should take Pride in our amazing Brighton Pride, why LGBTQI Pride is still relevant and how we as a community need to keep on keeping on. Fundraising, campaigning, celebrating our amazing global LGBTQI family. Together under one proud rainbow.

To read my words of rainbowness online click here or grab your free hard copy (oo er missus) at venues and shops across Brighton, London and beyond. It is a rainbow read you need to have a moment with. Honest.

Brighton Pride 2018 Web | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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