Wildblood + Queenie’s July Gscene Wonders

So with the summer in full swing its time to open those windows, crank up the volume and become the most pleasing of sound neighbours. Be it with Molly’s evocative collection of European deep house courtesy of Récit De Voyage Volume 1 on RDV, the ever mindful Summer Sol III on Sol Selectas, the left of centre disco and techno grooves of Trafico Music VA Vol. 1 on, you’ve guessed it, Trafico Music or the sizzling hot house antics of Madtech Records and their Summer 2018 compilation, you’ll be set to do more than simmer this July.

Also ensuring your summer sessions sound just right, the Berlin label Sisyphos compilation Wintergarden with its deep house meets nu-jazz meets “hypnotic micro-minimalistic” tunes (get them!) will keep you wiggling in those speedos. Or you can swing your bikini clad bod to the genius that is Elevator Suite’s It Is What It Is and enjoy a lesson in the eclectic, complete with hip-hop, jazz, Bristol beats and a sound described as like Marvin Gaye on Tramadol. (Other legendary soul artists and pain relievers are available). Enjoy.

Wildblood and Queenie’s July 12”s

Honey Dijon Xtra EP Classic Music Company Maurice Fulton + Horse Meat Disco + Derrick Carter + Ashley Beedle = Mama love.

Thomas Pizzini Flash Guendalina Records Wildblood’s quirky genre defying tune of the year. Flash fantastic.

J-Felix J-Freq Tru Thoughts Brighton P-funk lighting up our hearts – just like the man himself.

Peggy Gou Shero  Needs (not-for-profit) Celebrate women’s creativity and fundraise for UN Women. #HeForShe

Frank Fonema Streets Les Folies Digitales Jackin’ funked up house destined for beachside action this summer.

Midfield General ft. Linda Lewis Reach Out (Crooked Man Remix #3) Skint Records The General who will forever command our dancing souls returns.

The Revenge Roar Groove meets Dirt Crew Vol. 3 Dirt Crew Times Get Tough but sounds so good with Graeme Clark on-board.

Mushy Sons Of Acid Of Unsound Mind Strung out bass belter that will rock your house foundations.

Girls of the Internet Remember My Name (12″ Disco Edit) Drab Queen Linda Muriel captures our disco hearts with this live delight.

Matthias Vogt Roger (Original Mix) Badam Music Feel the love with this charming lesson in all things house.

Catch Wildblood + Queenie at Club Barbra 20th July at West Hill Tavern, Honey Dijon at Patterns 18th August and broadcasting on 1BTN every 2nd and 4th Weds 8pm-10pm & 2nd Friday 1pm-4pm. Plus at The Syndicate Party, Girls World Dance Tent, Patterns Terrace Party, Wonderland: YASS B.ITCH, LoveBN1 Fest, Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion and more at Brighton Pride 2018. Follow us on Facebook for party info and all the regal radio news you could want.



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