Queenie’s regal music history

Queen Josephine is a right regal vocal treasure. Her majesty has been making life more majestic for the souls of Brighton since her arrival here back in the late 80s. Always first to turn up and deliver, be it with a club soundtrack, perfect lyrics or stunning vocals and harmonies, she’s a true Brighton delight. Saucy, salty and always ready to surprise. And yes, like every majestic one she is adored by her public. Because no one can resist a queen. Not when their Queen is this fabulous.

And she’s a queen with history. With Nick Goddard she was Queue Dance, playing live extensively in Brighton and London from 1983 to 1988. Highlights included supporting James at the Zap Club and Sarah Jane Morris at Brighton’s Dome alongside live band members Michele Allardyce, Andrew Dobell, Andrew Blackwell, Jennie Cruise, Eileen Lawless and Ms Martha. Releases included Not The One For Me, Never Take A Bite, Where Would They Go?and Are You Doing What’s Expected? on Pylon Records. Compilation contributions included For A Moment and My Heart Belongs To Daddy on the 1987 compilation album Paper Boats In Puddles and Crumbling Town on the forthcoming The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol 9 for Firestation Records. Queue Dance went on to change the lives of a watching generation when they performed on BBC1’s Saturday Superstore in 1986 along with Brother Beyond. Well maybe.

Jack made waves from 1988 to 1990 as Queenie joined forces with Nick Goddard once more for the single release SSSensational b/w Building Bridges on Tosh Records in 1989. Jack appeared as resident band on the 25 Years of Top Of The Pops tour across the UK in 1989 along with hosts Anthea Turner and Mark Goodier and guests including Lisa Stansfield, Ruby Turner, Aswad, The Housemartins, Roy Wood and Maxi Priest. Oh and when she wasn’t singing and songwriting for Jack, Queenie was producing their artwork.

XiXi heated up the house dance floors between 1990 and 1992 as Michele Allardyce, Queen Josephine, Jane Boston, Lizzy Bacon and Kia Hunter delivered the UK’s first lesbian house music band playing across Brighton and beyond including at the legendary club night Shameless Hussies. Their single Feels So Good co-produced by Chris Coco and Disco Sister was released in 1994 on Gordon Knott’s Atlantis Records with a stonkingly good K-Klass remix on the B Side.

The Sunshine Sisters were an acoustic vocal group featuring Queenie and the glorious Kia Hunter from 1990 to 1992. Queenie has collaborated with many artists over the year including Honey with Chris Coco, Helene Stokes and Gordon Knott in 1986. You know what its like. Together they record an acid house DIY club wonder called The Acid Test. Queenie provides the lead vocals. Like she does. Casually and no doubt wearing somekind of a bandana. Two decades or so later she re-records the vocal and in 2018 it resurfaces as Chris Coco’s The Acid Test on Classic Music Company. Like it does. Queenie has also worked alongside Goloka with Pete Haywood and Kasia Kash providing sultry backing vocals on Tobacco Slide and Save Me Tonight for their 2007 album Mr Haywood presents Goloka on iLabel and has recently worked with Tru Thought’s goddess Abu Constance on her forthcoming album track Courage.

All of the above information has been written to the best of Her Majesty’s knowledge. Please do bare in mind there have been many gigs and parties over her lifetime so if you know of a detail that needs adding or improving please do let us know. Queen Josephine is always available for vocal duties be it back up or lead or choir, she’s happy to oblige and is a seasoned professional with a passion for sweet music. Contact Queenie here for more info and bookings.



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