50 tunes for 50 years: The Wannadies

So I kinda forgot to have kids. Making it to fifty years old knowing some poor soul won’t inherit these unique genes is, well, a blessing, I guess but in my world filled with the best of nieces and nephews (and honorary nieces and nephews), those days of regrets are few. But there is, of course, the other kind of family I have chosen to share my life with. Which is where this tune comes in. Yep at some point in this 50 Tunes For 50 Years exercise I’d have to choose one for my four-legged darlings. The Wannadies You and Me Always was always Mr Zak’s tune (one our Dexter will understand) because it was always him and me forever. Just like it was with Havoc and Mo and Blue and Timmy Two Shoes a.k.a. Rosemary and Tarka and Pinky and Smudge and Twiggy and Leroy and Willie (imagine calling him in for his tea whilst a forever embarrassed teenager). And as it is with Madge (a.k.a. Madgley Squidgley) and Hubbell (a.k.a. Hubbell Bubble Elvis Clare Wildblood-Bourne), the only double act I know camper than Queenie and I.

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Yep, they may only be made of fur and whiskers (and Dreamies) but they are the backbone of my family. Forever there, never questioning, always loyal, suitably warm, providing perfect companionship and (occasionally) up for a dance around the front room. The Aspie lass I am never has to make eye contact, overthink their responses or work out what they mean (its usually get me some fish fingers) and they are always appreciative of the extra breakfasts when we have an afters at our house. Tabby-love has always filled my life with love. Yes, the heartbreak is always unbelievably painful when they leave us but the love they bring will forever remain. Hell, even the pups in my life deserve a mention – Midge where would we be without you?

So thank you pawed ones. You made my fifty years warm, wonderful and filled with fluff. Which is all good, although if you wouldn’t mind not distributing it all over my posh navy overcoat that would be great.

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