Give 5 for Pride

Time for me to get on my (h)omo soapbox.  Time to talk fundraising this Brighton Pride weekend. We all know things out there aren’t as rosy and liberated as we’d like them to be 50 years since the Stonewall riots. This sadly makes fundraising for local LGBTQI charities vitally important. With a Boris lead Tory government leaning a little too right for comfort and austerity still a reality for far too many within our community, our fundraising efforts are more essential to organisations budgets and ability to deliver vital services than ever before. It’s time for us to support our community, support our local LGBTQI charities, support Brighton Pride and support each other.

This Pride season Give 5 for Pride. If you are a club promoter ensure your party and your venue give (at least) 5% of the door take, if you’re a business check out Brighton Pride’s City Angels on how you can get involved and donate, if you’re a DJ make sure those parties you are playing for are giving 5 for Pride (and if you can, stick 5% of your wages in a bucket. I mean lets be honest here – when the goosebumps hit it always feels like we should be paying Brighton Pride for the joy that is spinning records on this very special weekend). And finally if you’re a punter enjoy those amazing fundraising parties and events. Oh and be Pride cheeky and ask your local businesses hanging up the rainbow flags this week are they giving 5 for Pride? When so many across Brighton and Hove are going all out to fundraise for our fabulous LGBTQI communities it is only right we ensure it is a city wide effort.

So, let’s take the golden proud goose and make it lay rainbows – rainbows of hope and change for our LGBTQI communities when they need it. Click here for more info on how our fundraising and donations make a real difference to lives in our city through The Brighton Rainbow Fund. 



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