Gscene: Scene From The Sofa

Graham Robson from Brighton’s Gscene Magazine asked us to join him for a virtual catch up on his virtual sofa. How could we say no?

Hey, how’s it going? You’ve been quite busy online. Give us the lowdown in a nutshell…

K:  We’re doing just what you’d expect two old lady DJs would do during a global crisis. Staying camp and carrying on. We’ve Gaffa-taped together a home studio so we can record our 1BTN radio shows and we will be streaming live DJ sets to the world once we’ve worked out which cables go where. Yes, more DJs playing tunes in their front room. Just what the world needs right now.

Q: I’ve been sharing my culinary triumphs with the world courtesy of Queenie Cooks in the Social Isolation Kitchen, a bit of a mouthful but worth it just to see my banana candles! Plus my cartoon venture Queenie’s Strip Service is banishing the boredom with drawings of animals to download and colour in.

Top 5 tunes to put a smile on our chops….

Dave Leatherman & Bruce Nolan Just Put On Your Horns Suppressed

Demi Requisimo Vernon Semi Delicious

Whitney Houston Million Dollar Bill (Frankie Knuckles Club Mix) Arista

C J. & CO. Devils Gun (Tech Support Edit) White Label

Al Kent Pick Me Up Million Dollar Disco

Aside from music, how are you keeping yourself busy?

Q – I’m still working (if remotely) but attempt to do yoga every morning, draw my Ouch House Diaries and rehearse with our street’s Zoom choir. If there’s any time left I’ll squeeze in a session of Lottie Croucher’s fabulous disco work outs on YouTube.

K: I’m keeping myself busy by avoiding Queenie when she’s doing her zoom choir/workouts/yoga. It’s carnage! Other than that I’m in the garden growing veg or walking our new rescue dog Mr Arnstein. (And yes he is named after a certain Funny Girl movie. Did I not mention I was camp?)

Future plans? Brighton Pride thoughts?

K: Hopefully finding a way to DJ again. With actual people. As for Pride we were both so saddened by its cancellation. It is central to our city’s LGBTQI year, not just as an event but as a fundraiser.  I only hope we all continue to support Brighton Pride, The Rainbow Fund and to donate if able. During this time of lockdown its vital to ensure Pride can continue to fund those keeping our communities connected.

Do you reckon the scene will bounce back bigger and better?

Q – I hope so. Community seems more important than ever and I know once the scene is able to take tentative steps towards normality it will do all it can to support our amazing LGBTQI family. However things move forward so we must and will find ways of coming together.

What do you miss the most?

K: The freedom to see beloved friends and family, to dance at the disco, on Patterns terrace, beachside at The Tempest or in the 1BTN studio. To travel anywhere to watch a sunset, listen to the birds sing or smell the blossom. The simplest of things.

Plans for when this is all over?

Q – I may join a real choir.

K – I may buy some noise cancelling headphones.

Words of wisdom to keep us going?

K – We will all dance again. It maybe two metres apart and old dears like us may have to find fake ID to prove we’re young enough to be allowed in, but we will all dance again.

The Wildblood and Queenie Show on 1BTN 101.4FM DAB+ 1st & 3rd Friday every month 1pm-4pm. Find Wildblood and Queenie on Facebook




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