Fuck The Tories

Today I rage. Today I rage whilst I try to comfort my mother – stuck on an acute cardio ward waiting for an ICU bed for almost three weeks. Stuck in a ward doing quarantine for 10 days due to a COVID outbreak in her ward. Stuck in a ward unable to say one last farewell to her sick and elderly dog. Stuck on a ward without any visitors or the hope of one in the future. Stuck in a ward dreading the Xmas to come. All because of the “normal” NHS winter crisis, the chronic staff shortages due to COVID and Brexit, and the lack of beds due to a funding crisis the Tories constantly deny.

And what do the Tories do while staff, patients and families yet again make heartbreaking sacrifices on the wards of our hospitals and in the care homes of our nation? They party, they lie and they refuse to apologise or even defend their actions. Boris is the Prime Minister, his staff answer to him, he is responsible. Boris must go. Our NHS deserves better, our families deserve better and the COVID bereaved, destroyed by the personal costs of this heartbreaking pandemic deserve so, so, so much better.



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