Alfresco Festival 2022

So the prospect of dancing in the woods with our Alfresco family may seem a world away right now but the tingle of joy that is joining a line-up as gloriously fierce as the second release announced today is unmistakable. To be part of a collective of the willing, the wonderful and the wild this August will be a blessing we continue to count with grin filled souls. Alfresco 2021 was one of the finest festivals our island has seen and to be returning the woods, to those reunions and dance floor revelations, those random strangers and those in-tented sessions is something we can’t wait to do all over again. So grab your ticket, lock on to this line-up and plan your route to Alfresco 2022. Mark, Nicky, JJ and the entire Alfresco family insist on it. Where else would you wanna be?

New additions include Justin Robertson, Fabrizio Mammarella, Josh Caffe, Cosmo Vitelli, Simone Marie Butler, Jon Dasilva, Posthuman, Nightwave, I Love Acid, + more… (including two queer dears called Wildblood and Queenie).

Alfresco Festival 2022 25th-29th August Wilderness Lane, Edenbridge, Kent. General release tickets now live here


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