Hidden Beach presents Hastings Festival Of Disco

Always a salty treasure we favour Hastings has a special place in our seaside-addicted hearts. Forever one to deliver some sauce with your beachside adventures with its Old Town wonders, bally-eric lovers and cheeky oysters, it’s one of our favourite destinations. But if your thought Hastings was all about a taste of seaside rock then it’s time for a revolution, a disco revolution as Hidden Beach presents Hastings Festival Of Disco 2022 this July. A 3-day wonder at 3 venues with over 30 DJs, Hastings Festival of Disco will enlighten, enchant and entertain. But then when you add sequins to the seaside we all know the fabulous weekender thrills we’ve got coming.

And with DJs including the legendary Bobby and Steve, Tropical Disco’s Moodena, Satorial & Sonny Beau, Late Night Disco Crew’s James & John, Kangbala Disco, Bad Mutha Funka & Remi Vibesman at The Crypt on Friday, July 8th, Paul Clark, Soul Provyder, Phil Sales, Funk Jam, Bob Selway, The Mixfits, TBX, Remi Vibesman and two disco queers called Wildblood & Queenie at The Goat Ledge’s Free Family Disco Alldayer on Saturday 9th July things are gonna sparkle. And with Tommy’s Pizza doing things right and free on Sunday 10th with DJs Sam Ye Ye, Mark Laverham, Brandon Purmessur, Jo Miles, Kangbala Disco, Georgina Deadman, Dan Short, Rob Miller and Johnny Hartshorn you just know Hastings Festival of Disco is gonna blow those cowbells of yours. See you at the front Hastings.


3 Days | 3 Spaces & Places | 30 DJs
Celebrating over 40 years of D.I.S.C.O across 3 days, with 3 locations in Hastings & St Leonards.

Friday 8th-Sunday 10th July 2022. For Friday night tickets and more weekend info here


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