Patterns Does Pride 2022

Locked down and away from our LGBTQI+ community during 2020 was one of the strangest things I’ve experienced. Lost at sea, the Pride anchor to my year cut loose as my much-cherished connection to our LGBTQI+ nightclubbing community vanished overnight. Dusty bass bins and discarded decks and no hope of reuniting on the dancefloor. Sure we zoomed and timed our faces at each other but it never could replace the hold of you, that momentary buzz when you see a soul you’ve missed for months across the dancefloor or through a crowd of queer park life you never thought you’d ever feel the joy of again. Pride is our LGBTQI+ cathedral and being without you at Pride dear clubber I was an unholy mess I sure never wanna feel again.

Hence the goosebumps being generated as the 2022 Brighton Pride official fundraising parties finally get announced. Hence the pure joy as Patterns makes the call to Queenie and me and asks for our Pride disco thing once again. My how we missed you, my how we will dance, hug, grin, buzz, giggle, and yes, dance again. This will be Patterns’ seventh year celebrating Pride in Brighton and we are so honoured to still be part of their disco family for our 29th Brighton Pride together. As we stayed home in 2020 to keep each other safe I wanted nothing more than a Pride reunion with you. At the Pride I’m most proud of, at the venue I call home and the clubbers I call family. Brighton Pride + Patterns + you. That’s all I wanted as I counted the days until we danced again. And it’s almost here at last. So see you at the front darling – I’ll be the one attempting to act all nonchalant as I fan-girl Luke Una and Debonair and Suze Rosser and the Bitch, Please! crew. Like you do.

Patterns Does Pride w/ Luke Una, Debonair, Suze Rosser and Wildblood & Queenie in the club and Bitch, Please! w/ Affy, Blixa, Mimi, Sarah Sweeney and Spinks in the bar. Saturday 6th August 2022. 23:00-06:00 10 Marine Parade Brighton Tickets £11 £1 per Saturday ticket goes to The Brighton Rainbow Fund ❤️️ And remember folks, a Brighton Pride party that isn’t an LGBTQI+ community fundraising ain’t no Brighton Pride party. Dance decent, dance and donate.


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