The TRR Social 08.04.23

Keeping it local with an eye on the global, Trusted Rhythm Records are a beaut of a collective of sound hearts and sounder minds. A Brighton-based independent label that forever delivers the good stuff, The TRR Social is that kinda kick off your shoes and dance nights, destined to bring the passion of their label curators Lee Garrett and brothers David and James Morpeth to every social space they grace. Keeping in the family – all underground and gorgeous-like.

So it is with a sense of chuffed anticipation we can announce we will be joining the TRR family this April for one of their occasional but always essential nights at The Quadrant in Brighton. Add the wonders Will Sumsuch and Different Shapes and you get a Saturday selection of Saturday night selectors that is bound to be very, well, Saturday night. With the fam. Trusted, filled with rhythm and spinning some of those things we still call records. See you at the front.

The TRR Social @ The Quadrant, Brighton. Saturday 8th April 6 pm-close. Dancing all night long. Just as it should be.


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