Listen again Wildblood and Queenie 1BTN IWD Takeover 08.03.23

We made a radio show. A radio show a little different from the norm. A radio show for 1BTN’s International Women’s Day Takeover 2023. Celebrating the 70’s radio easy queens, punk legends, disco divas and delights who made our childhood days shine. We invited the incredible Rni Guetta from Traumfrau to talk all things Traumfrau, IWD, Film Pride and Raffaella Carrà. We made a radio show for a day of radio shows as our incredible community of trans, non-binary and female souls connected yet again to play the good stuff, raise some much-needed funds for Rise Brighton and create that thing we love to do each year. Create a day of radio love. The 1BTN sisterhood, WI, a collective of glorious ones doing what we love best. Making radio for you. With family. Our 1BTN family. 28 presenters. 24 radio shows. One world, one love, 1BTN.

To continue to donate to Rise Brighton click here


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