The Wildblood & Queenie 1BTN IWD 23 Show

Back in the day radio was the playlist we had no say in, no shuffle for, just a DJ in a world far away responsible for our listening treasures as we grew. Providing the soundtrack for long summer days, the front door wide open as we danced in the kitchen, or freezing winter nights beside frost-covered windows, listening under a duvet torch in hand, radio was my sweet-sounding saviour. It connected me to the music I’ve loved for a lifetime, the artists I will forever admire, the radio I will always treasure and a vibe oh so easy. Yes, I may have forgotten nearly every sodding thing I ever learnt at school but I’ll always remember the lyrics to Angie Baby. Seems the only algebra I got was those eternal Three Degrees, the only geography manoeuvres those of Carole King and my favourite woodwork session forever The Carpenters.

So join Queenie and me on 1BTN International Women’s Day Takeover 2023 on Wednesday 8th Match as we celebrate the women on our radio back in those sunlight days. The songs we’ll always sing, The childhood dances we’ll always repeat. Polyester slacks and a Nan-knitted tank top optional.

The Wildblood and Queenie Show – 1BTN IWD Takeover 2023 Wednesday 8th March 13:00-15:00 DAB+

Fundraising for RISE

Artwork by Josephine Queenie Bourne
Design by Guud Designs


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