30/60 DJs announcment

Affy Go Bang

The soul who brought more sass than any other to our life’s dancefloor Go Bang’s Affy is our brother from another disco mother, bringing the divine to every DJ set we’ve shared, every wiggle we’ve had. Without Affy there is no party. He is quite simply dancefloor gold, our go to Go Bang, the Calabash legend, Block queen, Faith wonder kid, DSD’s disco delight, our B,Please! babe and the dancer with more. Affy is and will always be the diva we adore.

Ben GC

Always the bringer of tunes you just have to Shazam, Ben GC is the wind beneath our 1BTN sails, (is that bally-eric enough for ya?) bringing love that is never just for Christmas. A Brighton legend in his own dungarees, Ben GC’s sound selections of house and boogie will forever keep you nodding and dancing. He is our favourite bearded fella, our favouite costume drama, Hubbell’s love, the lockdown online DJ party we never knew we needed and a South Of Houston seaside sabbatical you will always want to take. Dive in. The music is always good. Speedos optional, dancing not.

DJ ????

Keeping things in the club our secret special guest is a White Isle wonder, more famously chilled than an Almodóvar gazpacho and forever a hero in Brighton’s clubland history. The DJ that inspired Kate to take her deck duties seriously, the house head who insisted on Queenie banging her drum, the Chelsea boy we’ll always cheer. They are a Feel It we’ll always play, the sunset chaser we’ll always join, they are our **** and we can’t wait to party with them. All bally-eric like.

Chris & Dom

Creators of Brighton’s finest queer family, Chris & Dom are the Almanac peddlers you never knew your knew. Forever locking into the tunes you’d thought long lost, Chris & Dom’s Sunday Almanac is the playground we always wished for as kids, the gang we needed. Filled with enough queers, kooks, love and tunes to rock your teenage years right. They are our queer Sunday saviours set to share the love of their Almanac fantasia tombola with us at Patterns. Press play ▶️ never meant so much.


Forever ever keeping us proud Daisha is Patterns finest, delivering style, substance and smiles each and every time she graces 10 Marine Parade. A diamond we are so proud to stand beside in any DJ box, Daisha will always charm the moves out of you. A Patterns resident every guest DJ is always chuffed to see, a local heroine Brighton nightlife is proud to call one of its own, Daisha delivers as much to every club night she plays as she does to every friendship she cherishes. A Love Supreme, a princess for our Queenie, a star we’ll forever watch, our Daisha.  

DJ Faro

Always bringing the sunshine and the soul to her sparkling sets, DJ Faro is the kind of understated DJ you always want to shout about. From the airwaves of Balami to the dancefloors of Patterns, Rotation, Suncebeat, Metropolis, The Tempest, via Annie Mac’s Before Midnight, Loose Legs and Making Moves, Faro is the DJ you want choosing the tunes wherever you are. Connecting the grooves with her forever sassy selection of soul infused house and garage vibes Faro is the DJ’s DJ. We are forever Faro smitten. One listen and you’ll soon know why.

Hannah Sherlock

The first rule of creating a club is naming it after your core principals. Hannah always gets it right with Love Is The Message as she, Kieran Sherlock and Tim Walker bring the love. No one delivers love quite like our Hannah. Forever there whatever the need, her RV of love the stuff of late night legends, her DJ sets filled with thrills and fizz, Hannah Sherlock is the disco queen ensuring the party always pops be it those beside the sea, sofa, radio or campfire – Bliss-ful of course. Add the grin she brings to us each and every time we see her lens or not, and you have a  1BTN radio queen whose love reaches across the airwaves and into your heart. You dancing, dancing heart. Kieran singalongs never optional. #COYI

Helene Stokes

One of our dearest and oldest friends Helene Stokes is forever our style queen and guiding star (chaps and all), always guaranteed to deliver the good groove and endless love wherever we are. A DJ Magazine queen, Housewife’s Choice must-hear, Seven Sins backroom essential selector and Coco Club legend, Helene’s feelgood bouncing basslines, soul infused delights and Honeyclub anthems ensure she always has so much love to give the dancefloor. Love that is forever there, whenever you need her.  Which is good because we always will.

Leggy Reggae

The love behind 1BTN radio Leggy Reggae is a diamond forever shining, ensuring radio DJs like us always have what they need to get on air. A man forever giving of his time, Leggy delivers the soul of reggae whenever he plays, keeping dancefloors jumping till the last crackle of his final 45. He is Queenie’s never guilty pleasure – their reggae love-ins a late night party must. He is our wireless hero ensuring Brighton sounds better – one radio show seamlessly broadcast and uploaded to Mixcloud at a time. He’s our Leggy and we are so proud to call him one of ours.

Meesh Mash

Without Meesh there would be no Wildblood and Queenie. Our Shameless Hussie, our Housewife’s Choice, Queenie’s Xi-Xi, Meesh Mash, our dearest Michele. Promising to whisk you back to the dancefloors of the 1980s Brighton alternative club scene, from Subterfuge to the Brighton Belle, from the Can to Frenzy, whilst possibly stopping off to have her roots done at Housewife’s Choice, there is no party without Michele. No wigs, no frocks, no lippy, no congas, no giggles, no obscure 90s house track, no inspired club décor, no legendary flyer design, no overexcited Mo cuddles, no love. Over 4 decades of love with Meesh Mash and counting. Just how we like it.

Paul Heron

Since those early Wild Fruit Brighton Pride Big Top days filled with handsome beats and even handsomer smiles we’ve been head over heels for Heron. The circuit DJ who has always been anything but, his trademark house beats always delivered the sweat whilst his generosity and big heart delivers the joy to any one lucky enough to call him their friend. Friends he’s made across the world thanks to DTPM, He She They, Discotec, Beyond, La Demence, Wild Fruit, La Troya, Brut, Revolver and many more. One of clublands most beloved of house queens we can’t wait to relive some Fruity Sunday Sundae goodness with Queenie’s (almost) favourite DJ.

Sophie Joyful Paul

A goddess of the soulful vocal, a connoisseur of a DJ, a gem of an Our House radio producer, Sophie Joyful Paul is exactly what they say on the tin. That rare thing, talent and heart, with an eye for what’s right and ear for what’s good. Her work with Girls Of The Internet is wowing festivals and dancefloors across the globe, her vocals adding class to any music venture, her taste in music bringing the dance to every soul lucky enough to dance with her. From BBC introducing to Defected Croatia, Homoelectric,  Glitterbox, Birmingham Pride, UOKHUN, Trade, B, Please! We Out Here and more, Sophie is the queen to sashay with. Always.

Suze Rosser

A trailblazer of the underground house scene be it with B, Please!, Inspired Presents, He She They, Reasons, Geisha, Love Saves The Day or Body Movements, Suze Rosser has always had our disco back. Without her our 1BTN advenures would never have started, our time on the dancefloor never so sound. The friend that always delivers on a promise, the DJ that always brings the vibes, she is our B, Please! mutha, our Patterns partner, our 1BTN heroine. Together with Kerry jean Lister she put the grin back into dancing for us with Club Barbra and we’ve been honoured to share the decks with her at Brighton Pride, Sunday Sundae, Love Supreme, and in Patterns Rave Cave.

Wildblood and Queenie

30 years ago Queenie called Kate and asked if she and Meesh Mash could come play bongos in their club Shameless Hussies. The response was positive, the meeting saucy, the outcome obvious. Love won. Eventually. A thirty year partnership in clubland began. Shameless Hussies, Housewife’s Choice, DJ Magazine, Candy Bar, Wild Fruit, Brighton Pride, Queer Nation, Gay Times, Sunday Sundae, Audio, Patterns, DSD, Monkey, Electronic Disco, Rebel, Diva Magazine, Secret Disco, Radio Reverb, Majesty, 1BTN, Club Barbra, Traumfrau, GScene, Horse Meat Disco, Risen, Camp Bliss, LITM – the list, like the love, goes on. It’s been a ball, a shining glittering disco ball. Three decades together hasn’t always been the easiest of rides. Autism, ADHD, mental health and addiction playing their part. Long term life isn’t always an Instagram moment but our disco family has always had our back.  The DJ’s, the promoters, the bar staff, the tech, the clubbers. Each has brought a grin to our lives we’ll forever treasure. 30/60 will be a celebration of our love affair with our disco community, one tune at a time. See you at the front.

Wildblood & Queenie present 30/60 Bank Holiday Sunday 30th April at Patterns 15:00-02:00

Free entry all night – each and every DJ is kindly playing for the love so we can fundraise for Pedal People Charity and The Ledward Centre Please donate via https://linktr.ee/wildbloodandqueenie


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