Today Brighton, tomorrow Ibiza

Finally after two plus something years we’re going on holiday. To our fav place. By the ocean. Next to the paella. Where the snorkeling is fine, the bapfish rampant, the grooves sweet, the cafe con leche addictive, the cobbles friendly, the roads bendy, the beach at Sa Caleta our favourite, the dancing a must groove, the lines are down, the smile is on. I cannot … Continue reading Today Brighton, tomorrow Ibiza

Department of Records 17.09.10

Today I listened mainly to the following; Mark Reeve – Two Shots EP on Seamless Sean Biddle – Droppin’ Science EP on Nocturnal Logistix – Shades of Elements on New City Sound Recordings Nick Tcherniak & Steve Thomas – Deep Water feat Wilmien (Matt Smallwood, Hifi Sean Remixes) V/A The Flaver Saver EP Vol. 5 on Salted Plus Queenie and I lost it to JUMPIN’ … Continue reading Department of Records 17.09.10

Pride feedback

Pride In Brighton & Hove have asked for feedback. By 17.09.10. So we got on to it. Apparently if you feedback by today you’ll be invited to the official feedback event later this month. “(No feedback, no invite!)” See below our feedback for Pride’s requirement and the questions they want answered. Here’s ours. Something has to change. The event had so obviously outgrown both Preston … Continue reading Pride feedback

Department of Records 13.09.10

For the record this weekend I spent most of my time listening to Radio Mum with moments of loveliness from DJ’s Chris Barker and Queen Josephine. Today I mainly listened to; The longplayers (Why Don_t You) Take The Other Side by Marsmobile which feels like the Beach Boys and The Beatles if they’d swallowed to much electronica. Simian Mobile Disco Is Fixed which sounds like … Continue reading Department of Records 13.09.10

Sharing the burden in the big society?

I’m a little cross. And other labels. Which occasionally means I come into contact with the mental health services as they try to tick boxes and deal with my long term clinical depression. Tunes and good times don’t come on a script (my usual coping mechanism) but then neither does it seem does actual bloody treatment. Several years ago they re-jigged the mental health system … Continue reading Sharing the burden in the big society?

Department of Records – Vintage 2010

At Vintage At Goodwood I mainly played….. The Salsoul Orchestra ‘Take Some Time Out for Love’ Sparkle ‘Handsome Man’ Shelia B Devotion ‘Spacer’ The Gibson Brothers ‘Oh What A Life’ Was Not Was ‘Wheel Me Out’ Ultra High Frequency ‘We’re On The Right Track’ Black Ivory ‘Mainline’ The Salsoul Orchestra ‘Getaway’ Cheryl Lynn ‘To Be Real’ Kim Hart ‘Love at First Night’ Sylvester ‘I Need … Continue reading Department of Records – Vintage 2010