Gscene’s November Wonders

The only reason we are on the pages of Gscene Magazine writing about the music we love is because of one man. A man who believed in every aspect of our LGBTQI+ community, even the bits like us that weren’t that keen on Eurovision. (Ooops did we just say that in a gay magazine??) A man who had our back, regardless of our crazy plans. … Continue reading Gscene’s November Wonders

Wildblood and Queenie’s October Wonders

Whilst those final summer rays maybe fading fast we’ve got nothing but Autumn scorchers to keep you warm as we keep the action house and disco infused. Just how we like it . Enjoy. Sophie Lloyd feat. Dames Brown Raise Me Up Classic Music Company The queen is back and she’s created another moment of gospel fuelled gold. Hallelujah! Hotmood Fake DJs Wax Digits Achingly cool laidback … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie’s October Wonders

Wildblood and Queenie’s September Sizzlers

As the summer 19 season cruises towards its last few days we refuse to embrace the chill just yet. Yes, it’s all about the September sizzlers in Gscene Magazine this month as we keep our 12″s saucy. Just how we always like it. STLDN Anymore (De Gama Edit) BC Edits One of our producers of the year delivers the disco biscuit with this 70’s rework wonder. … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie’s September Sizzlers

Wildblood & Queenie’s Pride 20

Disco runs through our veins, like Pride, like glitter. It’s the backbone of our days and the soundtrack to our nights. It’s the anthems of our community and the history of our dancefloors. Since those early queer-fuelled nights filled with our black, Hispanic, gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans brothers and sisters, disco has delivered the dazzling beats for our revolution. There would be no uprising … Continue reading Wildblood & Queenie’s Pride 20

Gscene June Wonders

So here we go. Summertime is finally here and regardless of the cagoules or windcheaters required we’ll be delivering you nothing but sunshine grooves this June. Destined to keep things hot under the collar is the majestic acid sounds of DJ Pierre presents Acid 88 Volume III on Afro Acid. Yes, you guessed it, nothing but goodness, acid style. Just how we like our house. … Continue reading Gscene June Wonders

Queenie’s Strip Service : the tea towel one

Queenie’s latest Strip Service is out now in Gscene Magazine dealing with the true cost of immortality as Madge and Hubbell get used to life in the tea towel hall of fame.  The  kind of fame brought by being part of the Lost Cats Brighton tea towel courtesy of Queenie’s pen and ink. Forever infamous Brighton style. And raising some much needed funds for Lost Cats … Continue reading Queenie’s Strip Service : the tea towel one