Reason 86979272972 why I love Queen Josephine: Ouch House 200


When my missus does something she does it right. The right way. And for the right reasons. So even when life knocks her down she gets back up the right way. The Ouch House Diaries were my missus way of getting back up right again. One day at a time. With pen and ink. And that’s why I’m so proud of her latest achievement. The Ouch House 200. 200 pen and ink drawings of some of the souls who accompanied her on her journey as she recovered from an accident that changed our lives.

I learnt loads because of that accident. How I rely on her way way too much. How important she is to me. How important the NHS are to both of us and how lucky we all are to have it. And how to get back up on your feet no matter how far you’ve fallen. The Ouch House 200 doesn’t just demonstrate her amazing eye for detail and her desire to get things done just right. It demonstrates that without it her the world would be a darker place. A not quite so camp place. And a place drawn without style and passion.

And of course as Jo is doing this just right she’s donating all proceeds from the sale of the original Ouch House 200 and 20% of all Limited Edition Print sales to Brighton Pride and their continuing support of local LGBT+ charities through the Rainbow Fund and the wonders that fixed her at the Royal Sussex via the Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospital.

My Queen Josephine. Doing it right since 1963. And keeping me right since 1993.

Queen Josephine’s Ouch House 200

Duke Of Norfolk’s Community Art Show Pride Expo 113-114 Western Road Brighton BN1 2AB July 25th – August 21st 2015