Wildblood & Queenie’s July Wonders

This July it’s all about the sunshine grooves (they say with fingers crossed) as we lose ourselves in some of the best beats around. Head to Cape’s My Own Jungle on Savor Music if you want you beats dubby and house fuelled, indulge yourself in the 3 part wonder that is Deepalma Ibiza 2016 on Déepalma Records for some perfect Pool Party, Beach and Afterparty delights or if borderless house, hip hop and soul is your thing then the masterful adventure of Marlow’s In the Backroom on Sonar Kollektiv will keep you satisfied.

If you need it horizontal this July then the brilliant Balearic 2 selected by Ibiza heroes Chris Coco & Jim Breese on the Balearic label will keep you sweet whilst the exquisite electronica, house and techno of Beatamines Echoes on Einmusika / Einmusika Recording will get you grinning within minutes. And finally if you like your house organic and tasty check out 20 Years of Freerange on Freerange Records and the utter genius of the Aus100 Compilation as one of Queenie’s favourite labels celebrate their 100th release.

Finally we want to take a moment to remember those we lost on the dancefloor in Pulse nightclub in June. We stand beside you Orlando. And we will continue to defy the hatred with Pride. On the dancefloor, in the clubs, on the streets and at Pride events across the globe. Today, tomorrow, every day. Love will win.

Wildblood & Queenie’s July Jewels
Demuir Buttery Curves Guesthouse Music A groove so rich even vegans will make an exception for this beauty.

Scott Diaz Love We Had (Adventures In Self Doubt EP) Grand Plan Grab your sunnies, head to the terrace and fall for Diaz’s delight.

Mr Tophat & Art Alfie Skunk Silver Karlovak Get set to lose yourself in this sweet, sweet abyss dear reader.

Matt Smallwood Keep Pushin (Rene Amesz remake) Kittball   Saucy beats that will ensure you keep pushin’ all night long

Sante Sansone Rising (Original Mix) Materialism Let me tell you you need to get down to this Love Sensation.

Samma Lone Before House, Was Disco Uptown Boogie A looped up lesson in disco love we all need to learn.

Georgi Barrel Up The Hill Roots For Bloom A session from the S.H.A.G. Edits EP we can’t get enough of.

Lumoon & Rob!n La Papaye Salted Music Deeply delicious nu-disco that will charm the disco pants off ya.

Gavin Froome feat. Golden Ears Don’t Come Home (The Revenge Remix) Nordic Trax Epic disco fuelled anthem that will ensure the grin is had come dawn.

Tuccillo Full Time Visionquest  As moody as a Wildblood on a rainy day, this is a right bobby dazzler.

Catch Wildblood & Queenie at Patterns’ Home Service  with special guest Solomon Onyemere on July 3rd, on RadioReverb’s Home Service 97.2FM, DAB and online at radioreverb.com on July 10th, the Girls Dance Tent Brighton Pride 6th August and Sunday Sundae Pride Reunion Party at Patterns on 7th August 2016.




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