Home Service’s LGBT+ History Month celebration continues on RadioReverb

Its time to celebrate with Wildblood and Queenie (and a certain househead called Jack) as Home Service returns to RadioReverb with the second of our LGBT+ History Month Specials. An hour of histrionic broadcasting like no other, Home Service will a personal celebration of the finest LGBT+ house music clubs as we salute those who inspired us to get behind the decks and all those clubbers that wiggled down the disco with us.

From those heady days at Club Shame, the sexy sensation that was Venus Rising at Brixton’s Fridge, the irresistible sauciness of Wild Fruit, the glorious underground nights at  Zanzibar, the wigged up glamour of Housewife’s Choice at The Loft (oh those pinnies), the wonders of Brighton Pride partying on the park, the joys of Coco Latte,  the pure house grooves of Queer Nation, the morning glory that was Rebel, the brilliance of Calabash, the DIY delights of Lovestick, the fabulousness of Frequency,  the coolness of Koochy, the hotness that was Monkey at The Gloucester, the hot housekids of Kinky Dangerous, the sweet sessions at The Candy Bar and, erm (cough), Wet Pussy at Charles Street, to the divine terrace clubbing at Dirty Sunset Disco and the legendary Sunday Sundae, Home Service will help reignite memories we all cherish.  All regal like.

And with diva action from Kim English and Barbara Tucker, a fierce sashay with RuPaul plus spellbinding wonders from Black Magic, Inner City, ATFC, Ralphi Rosario, Salif Keita, Ministers Da Funk and Bob Sinclar, it’s gonna sound as stonkingly good as the memories we all have of our shared nightclub history. Just how we like it.

Wildblood & Queenie’s Home Service LGBT+ History Month Special

Saturday 18th February 2017 19:00 RadioReverb 97.2FM DAB radioreverb.com

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