One Day Without Us

Just one question. Where would we be without them? I know where I would be. My wife wouldn’t be here because they wouldn’t be there to heal her. I wouldn’t have been abled to study for my degree. My cats wouldn’t be treated. My house wouldn’t be warm. My clubbing life wouldn’t be as rich or vibrant (or occasionally very random). Those late night beachside conversations would never happen. My bus wouldn’t arrive.My flat white coffee wouldn’t taste so good. My Brighton Pride weekend wouldn’t be as brilliant. My street wouldn’t be cleaned. My parents wouldn’t be cared for. My nieces and nephew wouldn’t be taught all they needed. My life wouldn’t be as rich and cultured and glorious and my country wouldn’t be as wonderfully diverse as it is. Without migration we are not whole. So stand with every migrant who’s built our lives, made our cities and created our amazing nationwide community on the 20th of February and say loud and proud “without you we are nothing”.

Oh and just for the record it may have been way back in 1066 but this Huguenot ain’t no Anglo-Saxon. We were cobblers in France don’t you know.


For info and details of events on 20th Feb 2017 check out 1DayWithoutUs 

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