1BTN presents Where Love Lives festival

Wednesday July 5th, 2017, saw Queenie and I begin a sound adventure together, setting sail on the good ship 1BTN. We saw radio as the perfect docking station for two old queer DJs coming to end of their deck service, our disco nights seemingly behind us, our disco days set to sound best on FM. Mickey and Chris and the 1BTN family showed a belief in us we had long said goodbye to. 1BTN rekindled our joy of DJing, and gave us the confidence only working alongside the super generous of time and heart can give you. They became our beloved 1BTN family – especially the amazing IWD takeover diamonds Suze, Kerry, Hannah, Clara, Jayne, and Kathy. So to be asked to play alongside 1BTN’s finest this summer at their festival Where Love Lives means more than just dancing under the skies with a bunch of genre-bending, vinyl obsessed, track-listing creating, playlist hogging, crate-digging, superstars. It means being part of a family of majestic misfits, misfits that have never judged this queer autistic soul whatever I do, play or say (unless of course, I mention I’m not that keen on jazz, reggae or, pause for a deep breath, Prince).

1BTN gave us connections we didn’t think we needed, the confidence we had lost, and respect we never thought we deserved. It reignited our love affair with clubbers and the dancefloor and when lockdown hit gave us a much-needed haven from the harsh reality of life away from the discos.  It gave us permission to be Balearic (oi! oi!) and a reason to wiggle those ageing hips in the afternoon. 1BTN is a sound world we are proud to be part of, a collective of love we can’t get enough of and a family we can’t wait to spend a sunny (🤞) weekend in July with. See you at the front dear listener, see you Where Love Lives. 

Where Love Lives Festival (the festival previously known as Lodgefest), Bentley Farm Estate, Nr Lewes, Sussex. July 22nd-24th 2022. Tickets £69 adult weekend/ U18 £29 / Day tickets £40 adults. Kids under 5 go free.  For more info, stunning line-up and tickets click here.

Thanks to Mickey and Chris for the faith, Leggy for the back-up, the IWD 1BTN WI for the love, The Adam and Dan Show for the award-winning inspiration and Gloria Gaynor for that Chill Out Tent moment.


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