Menopausal soul seeks Lenzetto

This is the holy grail. This is Lenzetto, an HRT spray that makes my menopausal symptoms just about manageable. No chemist in Brighton or Hove has had it in stock since April. You can find private chemists online that have it. I’ve had to order three so far (two at The Independent Pharmacy for £24.99 each plus delivery, one at for £32). I appreciate I’m lucky to live in a country where I can usually access NHS prescriptions but I’m angry that I still can’t access NHS-funded HRT products. I’m not flush although I still get hot ones. I’m not unhappy although I do still rage. To me, this all feels like the campaigns that tell you to talk about your mental health. You talk and you ask and you soon discover there is very little NHS support available. There is no parity of care. Peri menopausal and menopausal souls are being told to they shouldn’t have to manage alone. Without HRT. Without specific psychological and medical support. And yet when we do the pharmacy shelves are bare, the services we need nonexistent.

I don’t know what the answer is for national shortages the government should have seen coming. Perhaps I’ll send Sajid Javid the bill for my privately prescribed HRT. Maybe he, Boris or his many Tory mates making millions from the NHS can pay me and tens of thousands of exhausted, sweaty, distracted, anxious, aching, brain fogged, raging souls back what they owe us. Rant over. I’m off to…fuck what was it I was gonna do again? Will someone please open a bloody window!!

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