1BTN – The Illustrious Blacks – Brighton Pride Parade 2022

A little flashback action to celebrate my Queenie – the baddest b**** when it comes to creating placards for the Brighton & Hove Pride – Official Pagel Community Pride Parade. Working with our 1BTN fam and the forever fierce The Illustrious Blacks to celebrate our disco saints Donna Summer, Sylvester, Carl Bean and the wonder that is Tom Moulton. I am forever amazed at what Queenie can create with pen, paper, Pritt Stick and a bit of neon Lidl gaffer. Looks like I lucked out when she agreed to marry me. Love especially to Jayne Winstanley, Mickey Jukes, Designate and the 1BTN pert paraders for making this year’s Pride so very special.

📹 Uma Prawn & Jayne Winstanley



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