We found magic at Camp Bliss

What can we say other than that was blissful? Truly blissful. It’s rare to find as much joy in one place as we did this weekend at Camp Bliss and we want to thank everyone who made it so. Anthony Prior, Mark Slade and the Camp Bliss team – legendary status now secured as far as these two disco queers are concerned. Hannah Sherlock, Tim Walker and Kieran Sherlock and the Love is the Message crew – wow you know who to make us feel welcome. This LITM grin will not leave our souls for a long time. To Wendy, Al and everyone behind the bars, doing the technical things and entertaining the kids thank you. To Charlotte and the ladies making us welcome on our arrival, to Leon, to Ali – thank you. To the Borderline singing wonders. We love ya. And to everyone who joined our Xanadu on the Mama Cass dance floor on Saturday night – blimey. You lovelies are something else. A night of Bliss in a camp filled with Bliss. (Someone really should use that name for a weekend in Dorset one day). Till 2023. Punter or DJ – we’ll be there. You have something fine going on. Thank you for inviting Queenie and me to be part of it. To paraphrase a certain Bent moment, I now believe in magic. It lives at Camp Bliss ❤️


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