Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen – one recipe at a time

My autistic soul has always had issues with food. Unbearable textures, school dinner halls, repetitive meals, misophonia issues, trigger foods bringing pain and inflammation. Sticking to a new plan when I don’t like change is never easy with ASD/ADHD. Doing things right. Eating well. Falling in love with cooking.
I needed some gentle persuasion. I needed change.

Little did I know I needed @gemswholesomekitchen Nourishing, delicious, and never patronizing, her recipes and enthusiasm have helped me fall for the spice cupboard and embrace the herbs once more. Diet restrictions and intolerances were embraced and worked with. Time in the kitchen is treasured. Sleeping better. Autistic head calmed.

Turns out you are never told old to learn something new. Turns out you can make a change. One recipe at a time.


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