The Wildblood and Queenie Show 03.02.23

After 63 days without play, we’re back home. Bringing the disco, the laughter, the love, and the particularly random moments to our favorite radio station. Expect loads of great music as we raid the archives to celebrate Queenie’s 6th decade and our 3rd decade of disco. Plus we have a detour to adore, loads of new music, some exciting gig news including our first festival of the year with Risen, and an edit or two destined to bring the dance. All on 1BTN. All for you.

The Wildblood and Queenie Show on 1BTN. Friday 3rd February 14:00-17:00 101.4FM DAB+ Like. Love. Share.  Or just ignore us. There’s bound to be another pair of queer disco dears to your liking along anytime soon.


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