We Are Love festival July 28th-30th 2023

Tonight Matthew we are going to be We Are Love. Yes, you know what it’s like. You like the fit, you like the look, you love the feel but the name just isn’t quite you. Time to get direct. Time to say it how it is. Time to shout from the rooftops. We Are Love.

So it turns out 1BTN are pretty good at this festival lark. Bringing people together for a weekend of dancing and prancing with a selection of some of the finest DJs and live bands providing the finest of weekend soundtracks is second nature for a collective as bang on as 1BTN. 2022 was a beaut. 2023 is gonna be a banger. So why not join the crew that will instantly become family this July as 1BTN shows you We Are Love. No honest we are. Especially come at 3am when you can’t stop the wiggle. And that grin. That three days in, too many giggles, hey there give us one more hug kinda grin.

See you at the front. Or the back. Or by the cocktail bar. Or over there with the gong yoga. Or sampling Kieran’s BBQ. Or fan-girling at Bent. Or diving into that Virgin Mary. Or attempting Silly Games again. Or insisting Love Is The Message all night long. Or playing some strung-out disco to your new besties that you just met last night. You know. At the front.

We Are Love Festival. Bentley Farm, Ringmer, East Sussex. July 28th-30th 2023. Tickets from £79 (adults) £40 (kids) here


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