1BTN 030323

The Wildblood and Queenie Show returns to 1BTN on Friday for three hours of live radio of debatable quality. Just how you like it. This time around we’re going strictly disco as we attempt to bring some sequined joy to your day. We’ve got some firm family favourites, some deep dig gems and an Aussie detour that’s got us heading towards 1BTN’s International Women’s Day … Continue reading 1BTN 030323

We Are Love festival July 28th-30th 2023

Tonight Matthew we are going to be We Are Love. Yes, you know what it’s like. You like the fit, you like the look, you love the feel but the name just isn’t quite you. Time to get direct. Time to say it how it is. Time to shout from the rooftops. We Are Love. So it turns out 1BTN are pretty good at this … Continue reading We Are Love festival July 28th-30th 2023

Traumfrau x FilmPride Special Edition IWD

Keeping International Women’s Day 2023 all about the cinematic and our incredible community, Traumfrau returns to the centre of our disco universe this March for an IWD Traumfrau x Film Pride Special at Brighton’s Ironworks. Promising a night of wow moments destined to keep you wanting more, we can’t wait to celebrate with you as we kick into spring together. with this feast of cinema … Continue reading Traumfrau x FilmPride Special Edition IWD

Listen again: 1BTN 170223

We did a radio show. We played tunes by Ben Jamin, Falomour’s new label House Of Love, Hotmood, Alkalino, Bachbero, Spa In Disco, Tropical Disco Records, Sharon Redd, Roison Murphy, Burt Bacharach, Mortimer Snerd III, Midland, Hothouse Records, Farhan Rehan, Tonbe, Don Carlos and Maxxi Soundsystem. We danced. We talked. We indulged in a little queer auntie’s love. We celebrated 30/60. We remembered. We paid … Continue reading Listen again: 1BTN 170223

The Wildblood and Queenie 1BTN Show 17.02.23

We are back in the bunker with three hours of life, love, and laughter this Friday on 1BTN as we play some of our disco-infused tunes of the moment, pay tribute to Bert, continue our 30/60 throwback, and deliver the perfect distractions for your Friday afternoon, Monday morning, Wednesday early evening. You and we. Wildblood and Queenie on 1BTN. Like, love, share. Do a little … Continue reading The Wildblood and Queenie 1BTN Show 17.02.23

Say Their Name : Brianna Ghey

Just as they did when I was a young queer back in the 80s words have consequences. Rhetoric has consequences. Policies have consequences. Lives are lost. Families torn apart. Communities frightened. However you identify, whomever you love, it’s time to be a trans ally. 16-year-old Brianna Ghey was not the first. She sadly won’t be the last. She was the 39th trans person lost to … Continue reading Say Their Name : Brianna Ghey

Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen – one recipe at a time

My autistic soul has always had issues with food. Unbearable textures, school dinner halls, repetitive meals, misophonia issues, trigger foods bringing pain and inflammation. Sticking to a new plan when I don’t like change is never easy with ASD/ADHD. Doing things right. Eating well. Falling in love with cooking.I needed some gentle persuasion. I needed change. Little did I know I needed @gemswholesomekitchen Nourishing, delicious, and never … Continue reading Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen – one recipe at a time